Associate Photographers

Associate Photographers


What is AN Associate Photographer and why should you book them?

When we shoot weddings, it’s usually a team of up to four of us. An “Associate” can be any one of those teammates acting as your Lead Photographer.

Why are Associate Packages priced lower?

While Associates are just as experienced, they don’t have the additional editing, advertising expenses, or business overhead to worry about.

Are Associates less experienced shooters?

Not at all. Associates are hand-picked professional photographers who we work with on a regular basis.
As a matter of fact, they have to go through training and work their way up to lead shooters. So, in that respect, they may be more qualified than your average wedding photographer.

Is an Associate Photographer Package RIGHT for me?

If one of my best friends were to ask me if they should hire an Associate Photographer for their wedding, without knowing who they were referring to, I’d ask them two questions:

“Do you like his/her work?” and “Is his/her price within your budget?”.

If they answer YES to both questions, I would tell them to book that photographer. Then, Yes, for sure!


More Availability

Because you have more options for Lead Shooter, this means that your date is more likely to be available! Win-win!

Better pricing

As I mentioned earlier, Associates’ Packages are usually lower than the main photographer. This is not because they aren’t as good. It’s because they don’t have to bear the cost of running a business themselves, which can be a lot in terms of money (advertising, marketing, image storage, etc.) and time (blogging, bookkeeping, social media, etc.). They just get to do what they do best — taking photos! Thus, this will be more cost-effective for them to work as a team. This is why their prices tend to be lower.

Similar Style

Although personalities are varied, associates and main photographer have the same style. This is, btw, the first condition for them to work together. In some businesses, like ours, the associates only focus on shooting, while editing is done by the same editing team. This ensures the consistency between associates and the main photographer. Basically, you get the similar service when you hire associates, before and after the wedding. The only difference is the person who takes your photos on the wedding day.

Backups, Backups, Backups

Something else you may not have thought of:
Because we work as a team with several Associates, you won’t have to worry who might fill in if something happens and the assigned photographer cannot make it to your wedding. Because we work as a team, we always have backup on hand before having to look for someone outside of the team.

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